Peaches and Creme – A Perfect Pair

Peaches and Crème – A Perfect Pair

Recipe by Piedmont Pantry inspired by her visit to CookDordogne and the Perigord Noir, France

A “milestone birthday” celebration in May for my friend, Ginger, found us in the Dordogne region of southwest France. This rustic, and fertile river valley deserves its reputation as the soul of French cuisine. The region’s gastronomic treasures include truffles, walnuts, goat cheeses and all manner of duck delights.Peaches
In addition to taking in our share of castles and prehistoric caves, we visited local farmers’ markets and ate our way through memorable meals from the most humble menus to Michelin-starred affairs. All very satisfying!
Now it’s getting hot out there, and many of us dread the thought of firing up the oven. I get it. This recipe is a no-cook, no-fuss option that’s brimming with fresh, seasonal peaches. It’s satisfying without being cloyingly sweet or rich. As a matter of fact it’s mostly peaches, frozen and whizzed up with a dollop of crème fraîche and a bit of sugar to taste. Three ingredients. Done.

I’ve been making a version of frozen fruit ice creams and sorbets for a while. It was an easy adaptation from making a too-thick fruit smoothie just once, and preferring the semi-frozen texture over a slushy one. Improve the texture, add a bit of sweetness and voilà – dessert!

Imagine my delight whilst enjoying a day-long market tour and cooking class at CookDordogne at Le Chevrefeuille in St. Cyprien, France; when Chef Ian Fisk included a banana ice cream recipe using the same technique. (He uses a commercial-strength food processor.) His unique twist uses crème fraîche (we were in France after all), and of course he also amps up the flavor by including vanilla beans. He’s “chef-y” that way, and will tell you so himself, with a wink and a grin.

Side note: Ian and Sara Fisk live here with their family. It is charming and I highly recommend staying here as your base when traveling in the area. Sara Fisk’s deft hand with accommodations assures your comfort.

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